Monday, July 11, 2011

To those who stand alone

One thing that I have learned is that conformity is unfortunately found everywhere. Even among alternative universities with diverse majors, there are those who will still persecute you for being outside the box. As it is quite obvious I am a fisheries major. I have noticed many women in my field (in most all the different countries and states I have been to) don't wear make-up, definitely do not own a pair of heels, wear chacos and plaid every day. I am not bashing on that at all, because there are days where I don't wear any make-up, wear chacos and caraharts, and am very happy doing so. I love me some cowboy boots and some quick-dry pants. But I guess if you enjoy wearing those things, you should not enjoy wearing the opposite. I have had many interesting looks when I have walked into my department wearing 4 inch heels, make-up, and some wild fashion shirt or dress. I have had snap judgements made about me because of this, some even by professors.

I thought that my knowledge about fish and marine biology and natural resource issues would be enough to protect me from the constant need to prove myself. I thought my credentials would be enough, but there are still those who are blinded by outward appearances. There are those who are unable to have any sort of relationship (professional, work, school etc) with a strong outspoken woman, who actually looks like a woman.

I still see that no matter where you go in life, there is the need to be a sheep.

To all those out there who are the black sheep, or an entirely different species, DO NOT LET THEM WIN. Do not conform, do not give up. You are amazing in what you are. If you know you belong, fight for it. If you don't fit in, more power to you.